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Panasonic Senior Partner

This computer is similar to other early MS-DOS portables, with one major addition. This computer has a built-in thermal printer. When you are on the road you can print up hard copy as necessary for clients, or your own use. It will accept thermal paper rolls used by fax machines with thermal printers. When you are at your home or office, you have the option of connecting a more advanced printer to the built-in parallel port.

Built-in Thermal Printer

The Senior Partner has a built-in 9 inch CRT green display. It runs CGA graphics. The computer also has a serial port. This particular example has 512K of RAM, a 360K 5.25 in. floppy drive, and a 10 MB hard disk. The hard disk upgrade was performed by my friend Terry Y. I also have the original Panasonic Sr. Partner MS-DOS ver 2.0A diskette. It also include BASIC ver 2.0 on the same diskette. This computer is IBM compatible.

Rear cover removed - Cord Storage, switch, RGB, parallel and printer ports.

The screen is adequate, but I prefer the Compaq portable display over it. There is a brightness control to help adjust the display for best viewing.

CPU:  Intel 8088/4.77MHz
upgrade socket for 8087 co-processor

Ram: 128K standard
         512K max



RL-H7000  One 360K floppy, and optional second floppy
RL-H7000W Two 360K floppy drives.


9 inch high-res green screen
80 characters x 25 lines
640 x 200 mono resolution
320 x 200 color mode resolution


80/132 column
8.5" Thermal type printer paper


1 expansion slot
1 port for RAM board

I/O ports

Parallel Port (Centronics)
Serial Port (RS 232C)

Monitor output port

RGB (CGA graphics; support use of color monitor)


RL-H7000          31 lb..
RL-H7000          33 lb..


Power Switch ON-OFF
Brightness control
Line Feed Button

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