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I just discovered that I had my first "serious" mistake on this website. At least it was serious enough to bother me.

At any rate, my ISP used to be a nice little outfit called and I used to do my email through them. Lately I discoverd a free internet provider NetZero, and switched to them. I thought I was up on things and edited the email address on my index page. Well, the new email address showed up, but if you were unlucky enough to click on the email link, the mail would have been sent to (in error) rather than Mailcity. I have fixed the bug, (changed the html with Tripods' HTML editor), and the mailto link works now. My apology goes out to anyone who tried to email me while the link was messed up.

More importantly, it is a sure thing that I will make other mistakes. If you find links that don't work, or factual errors in the content on this site please email me. I will try to correct techical problems with the site, and if there are errors in the content they will be corrected as soon as possible. If you don't agree with my opinions etc. I would be glad to hear about that also. It may not change my opinion, but I would like to hear from you.

In the future, I may even post some of the email I receive on this website. Don't be afraid to mail me. I won't post any of your mail to this site without first obtaining your permission.

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